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Techniques to correct the common mistakes in digital photos

It is through the help of photos that we get back to the old days and cherish the moments. However, there are times when the click goes wrong. So, how will correct these mistakes? Is it possible to rectify it? Yes of course it is possible. Forget about the red eye caused during the clicks. There are innumerable applications available to correct those heart-breaking mistakes!

How to correct the flashlight? At times the flashlight can make a person’s face look brighter than usual. The method is to do some variations. You can select “highlights” and make the image darker. You can then use the feather to soften the edges of that particular area.

Red eye is the common problem when the photos are clicked during the night with a flash. If you are using Photoshop, you can easily remove the red eye in just a few steps. The brush tool helps in removing the red eye. The first thing is zoom in the image. Then select a brush size in order to work on the pupils. Try to keep the color mode in a low capacity so that you can keep the details of the image.

Cropping the image is another feature that you can use to get rid of the background. Before you crop the image, try to zoom in the image to get a preview. Then you can gently crop and resize the image to pop out the factors you want to. It is advisable not to enlarge the image too much. Also do not go below 150dpi with the resolution. You won’t get good printouts.

Thus, if you know how to use the software, your work is like a piece of cake. Practice can make you perfect. Go ahead and edit your images the way you want!

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